Yule, 2012

Solstice Altar
Solstice Altar

Winter Solstice Ritual was performed by Stormcrow and Arianthe.

The pre-ritual crafting time included arts for the kids, and making of Pomanders for the home.


For the Quarter calls this year, we did something a little different that bears mention for all the Wiccan Parents out there. A little nod to child within, and the children who surround us as well – and we called as Directional Guardians, Jack Frost(East), Mrs. Clause (South), Frosty the Snowman (West), and Santa (North) – complete with ringing them in with Jingle Bells.

shadow puppets
As part of our transition to working with Celtic Deities of the Mabinogion for a year, we Called Gwydion and Arianrhod. Stormcrow told The Birth of Llew (Yule), the first part of a saga he adapted from the Mabinogion which he has titled “A Year and Change” – that follows the life Llew Llaw Gyffes.   This telling was accompanied  by a shadow-puppet show performed by Arianthe.

Outside we lit a bonfire for the burning of the 9 Sacred Woods, and inside we honored the Silver Wheel of Arianrhod – and the 13 Sacred Moons.

There was an exchange of Secret Santa Gifts, and Much feasting and Merriment.

Other pictures of the bonfire:

Yule 2012 (8)Yule 2012 (6)

Yule 2012 (9)Yule 2012 (3)

Yule 2012 (2)Yule 2012 (1)

Yule 2012 (7)Yule 2012 (4)

Yule 2012 (5)




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