What to Wear and Bring

After you’ve secured an invitation, and committed to attending our next ritual, there’s still a few things you need to know.

1. What to wear.

  • Dress seasonally appropriate, and in layers if needed, many rituals are held outdoors or include an outdoor component.
  • Clothes that provide ease of movement and their greatest comfort, both physically, spiritually, emotionally

2. Items to Bring:

  • Participation Items:
    Sometimes we ask people to bring items to participate fully in an activity. The invitation will include a list of items you need should bring.  If you have any questions or difficulty acquiring an item, please tell the summoner, or the person who sent you the invitation.
  • Notebook:
    We ask that you bring a notebook, so that you can write about your experiences after the ritual. This makes it easier for us to discuss any issues or concerns or questions you have in a post-ritual, follow-up conversation.

3. Feast Contribution

  • When you receive your invitation, you will be asked to bring a food item or item for the feast table.
  • If you are asked to bring a food item, it is preferred that it is homemade, fits the “theme” and is made with love.
  • If you have ANY difficulty for any reason bringing something, please tell the summoner (or the person who sent you the invite) immediately and we will work something out.



  • A Donation Jar is placed on the table, please offer what you can afford and feel is fair.
  • A suggested Donation amount for Sabbats is $25, For Moons: $10 – Give only if you can, and what you can.
  • Please do not donate if it will place you or your family in financial harm.