Touchstone Rite, Sacred Wells, and Brighid

Touchstone Rite, Sacred Wells, and Brighid


“The origin of the touchstone, is a piece of basalt or slate that metal was scraped on to see if the color and other properties were true: to find it’s genuine nature.In common english terms, the touchstone has come to mean the standard by which we measure ourselves. It can be something we refer to and use to help us move forward, to give us wisdom, strength, and inspiration.  When you hear us refer to the “touchstone ritual” this is what we mean by it.”
– MorningStar

The touchstone ritual is exclusive to Blue Star, but components surrounding it are not.


Known as source of energy and sustenance – Water has been hailed as a holy element for as long as it has given life. In Wicca Water is venerated not just for it’s life sustaining, but for it’s cyclic nature which mimics our own life transformations and reincarnation. – It is most commonly seen as the womb and the tomb, and the place of unconsciousness, rest, and transformation.

Thalassa: The Greek Primordial Spirit of the Sea

In every, or nearly every culture among men, the myths and healing properties of waters have been revered – as being possessed, protected, and embodiment of the Gods and Goddesses, Spirits.

Holy Waters are quested for, created through ritual, or made use of by nearly every major religion. The waters are used  to bless, test, sanctify, cleanse, and heal spiritual patrons – to bring them closer to their Divine Source(s).   Sacred places, and rituals have been crafted for thousands of years honoring the Divine Water  Spirits, Protectors and Gods, such as those created by the ancient  Celts – for the Goddess Brighid.

The Sacred Healing Wells  and Water of Brighid


Brighid is often envisioned as a Triple Goddess, and is venerated as the Goddess of Smithing, Prophesy & Healing, and Poetry.  She is the Celtic Goddess of Fire and Water, particularly water where three streams merge together. Often called a Goddess of Healing Waters. She has many Sacred Wells in the British Isles. Perhaps most famous of these is Her well at Kildare which is still maintained and visited by many seeking her favor or to pay honor to her.

Image from : Flickr user Starlingofavalon

This is a beautiful, simple ritual for the creation of a Sacred/Holy Water by Helen Demetriou shows a modern interpretation for creation of Holy Water, sacred to Brighid, using three different waters.

If thousands of years of veneration weren’t enough to impress a person into seeing the significance and majesty of Water as a divine element, some recent Science might just convince someone over that hurdle.  We have barely begun to explore the depth of a single drop of water, just as in many ways, we are only beginning to discover ourselves.

At Imbolc, we have a rare opportunity to  “Reach into the Well,”  through blessed waters of Lady Brighid, to find in the unifying memory of Sacred Water, and to bring back from the past a touchstone – a piece of the sacred self to carry into the future.


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