The Tale of Lleu, Chapter IV: Beltane

The Tale of Lleu, Chapter IV: Beltane


So great was the shame that Arianrhod felt at her brother for tricking her a second time, that she removed herself from the sight of the living world, and none but the dead in Annwn ever again saw her face. She said;

“You are a wicked man, brother! How could you do this to me? A shame upon you, and a shame upon me for being tricked again, by the brother I once loved above all things! You’ve left me no other choice. This final destiny I lay upon you, Lleu Llaw Gyffes! I swear by the Mother, that you shall NEVER know the love and embrace of a mortal woman, born of the race of this Earth! This is my FINAL vow to you!”

Gwydion and Lleu left the castle, though Gwydion’s heart was filled with wrath at Arianrhod for her treatment of the young Lion. Gwydion loved the boy as his own, and he swore a solemn oath that he would find a way to help Llew overcome the dire fate that Arianrhod had cast upon him.

However, this problem stumped even Gwydion, for Arianrhod’s magick was as powerful as his own. So, they went to the court of his uncle, King Math the Ancient, whose magick was the most powerful in the land. There, Gwydion told Math of all that had befallen and of Arianrhod’s final curse upon the boy, and he begged his uncle to help.

Math and Gwydion took counsel together. With the young Lion, they went out deep into the wildwood, and cast their Circle in the presence of the Spirits of the Earth and the Spirit of the May. They gathered to them the blossoms of nine magickal flowers, and laid their fragrant blooms upon the green Earth. Then, with powerful enchantments, they called forth the May, to breathe life into what they had made.

blodeuweddAnd standing there before them was the most beautiful maiden ever seen by man. They named her Blodeuwedd. Flower Face was her name, a woman born not of woman, but of magick and of Nine Blossoms, her fate to be wed to the man born of magick and of Nine Woods.

Thus did Lleu Llaw Gyffes, the Lion With The Steady Hand, the light of the world, come to know the love and embrace of a woman, born not of the race of the Earth, but of magick and the blossoms of the forest. For the cunning of Math and Gwydion, Arianrhod’s curse had been doomed to fail, and Lleu’s fate had been twisted. He would soon be joined as one with the spirit of the Earth, and thus fulfill his destiny; But that is another tale, for another time.


Stormcrow is a First Degree Initiate of Serenity Coven. He has been involved in Blue Star Traditional Wicca for about 14 years, and has served on Active Duty in the U.S. Coast Guard since the year 2000. He is seeking qualification as a military lay-leader to provide service and outreach to other military Pagans. Passionate about sharing our Tradition's history and the lore of the Gods, he is a Bard and Storyteller. Cosmos and Chaos, Hodge and Podge, Traditionalist and Innovator, Orthodox and Heterodox, Apple and Pentagon. A smorgasbord of contradictions and paradoxes, all wrapped up and tied with a moustache.

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