Beltane 2013


Serenity’s Beltane Altar

Serenity’s Beltane ritual was held on Saturday, May 11th this year, and was run by Dreaming Bear and Arianthe, with Barley as Seneschal (Handmaiden) and Stormcrow as Summoner.

Unfortunately, the weather refused to participate in the merrymaking. Rain and gray dreariness kept us sequestered indoors, but a grand time was had by all in spite of the storm.

We incorporated the story of Arianrhod’s final curse upon Lleu Llaw Gyffes, and the creation of Blodeuwedd into our ritual, decorating the altar with countless wildflowers to call in the May. Both Lleu and the newly formed flower-maiden Blodeuwedd were called.

Activities were focused on building the bonds of love for self and the larger community, and in a sort of “Pagan Valentine’s Day,” participants were encouraged to write little notes of appreciation to each other to be placed on personal shrines of self-love later.

Dreaming Bear and Arianthe

We sang, we danced, we feasted, we drank Dandelion and May Wine (and a specialty brew of Moonlight Meadery‘s that bears our namesake) long into the night, and enjoyed the company of our cherished Pagan family as we celebrated the beginning of Summer.

We were all delighted to welcome Mare officially to Serenity Grove.

Guests and ‘frequent fliers’ included Selena (who as always, came bearing her famous cupcakes of awesomeness), Miss Honey, and Master Dickon, who brought a very special flowering staff to be used in our rite. (Thanks Dickon!)

Many thanks to those who attended, and may the light and warmth that we’ve kindled here continue to grow.