Whois: Serenity of Blue Star

Serenity Grove is a religious and spiritual fellowship that offers spiritual worship, guidance, experience, and education through and in the practice of Blue Star, a denomination of British Traditional Wicca. We are a family friendly Grove, we invite members and guests to bring their children and loved ones to be a part of the community. We provide children the opportunity to join us as well as ample opportunity to “do their own thing,” as we believe faith and spirituality should be chosen of free will, not force or indoctrination.

Lord Taliesin and Lady Rhiannon, 3rd Degree Initiates of the Blue Star Tradition, are the acting heads of Serenity Coven and Grove. Priest Cho Ku Rei, and Priestesses Ursula and Almitra, are 1st Degree Initiates, while Lady Morning Star is a 3rd Degree Initiate, and Elder (Emeritus) in the Blue Star Tradition. Together they comprise the governing body of Serenity Grove; Serenity Coven.

Serenity embraces an “It Takes a Village” approach to guiding and training those new to the path. This allows students the most access to information and experience. Students and Fellows of Serenity are encouraged to build bonds with each other and learn from all the Clergy when they first begin. Serenity Coven collaborates with other Blue Star Initiates to provide Serenity Grove with even more opportunities for enrichment, enlightenment and exposure to the rest of the Blue Star Family.

Serenity is actively working towards becoming an established Church, with 501(c)(3) status so that we may expand our outreach and support of the Pagan and Wiccan community of Northern New England. It is our hope that by facilitating public rituals, charitable donations, and volunteerism both in our cities and greater pagan community, our purpose and commitment will be self-evident to the State.