Spiritual and Religious Growth:

Serenity Coven embraces an “It Takes a Village” approach to guiding and teaching  those new to the path. This allows students the most access to information and experience.  Students and Fellows of Serenity are encouraged to build bonds with each other and learn from all the Clergy when they first begin.

Serenity Coven collaborates with other Blue Star Initiates to provide Serenity Grove with even more opportunities for enrichment, enlightenment and exposure to the rest of the Blue Star Family.

Spiritual Mentoring: Choosing a Teacher

Much as one would not seek an apprenticeship if they did not have an interest and fundamental understanding in the work the professional does; the need  to choose a particular teacher does not really begin until a student begins to seek Initiation.

At that point, in addition to learning from and working with all the Clergy, the student will begin to work more with “Their” teacher/mentor.

Serenity Clergy believe that a strong student-teacher relationship is critical to student advancement, and encourage students to not seek their spiritual mentors out of convenience.  The Coven is happy to facilitate and support long distance student-teacher relationships through collaboration with non-Serenity clergy, to give the student their “best chance”.

Sacred Learning Is Free

Serenity Clergy do not request or accept payment for their services.
Sacred Learning is always FREE.

The suggested donation amount of $25 per sabbat, was divined by consensus, and is humbly requested of all members of Serenity, including the Clergy. These donations go towards the care and maitenance of communal tools, supplies, consumable resources, development and charitable works of the Grove. Donations can be given to the Serenity Treasurer.

The Office of Serenity Treasurer is held by an elected member of Serenity, apart from the primary Clergy, who keeps a ledger of all expenses as well as handles all donations, and reimbursements. We do not aim to keep a zero balance non-profit, as that would limit our ability to offer crisis assistance, a positive balance at years end allows us to do more the following year.

Word to the Wise:  These donations are –voluntary-, and no donation is considered -too small-, but a donation which causes strain or stress is -too large-.