Samhain 2013

Samhain 2013
The Samhain Altar
The Samhain Altar

On the night of November 2nd, 2013, Serenity’s members gathered at the Covenstead to┬ácelebrate their Ancestors in a ritual officiated by Morning Star as Priestess, Stormcrow as Priest, and Fox and Barley as Summoner and Seneschal.

Most of Serenity’s members were present for the rite, and we also had some of our Unusual Suspects from Spruce & Yarrow Coven visiting for the evening.

In our first ever Double Drawing Down, Arianrhod, Lady of the Silver Wheel was invoked into Morning Star, and Arawn, Lord of Annwn was invoked into Stormcrow.

The Veil and Ancestor Shrine

The Veil was parted with an adapted Jewish prayer of remembrance, as the assembled Coven and Grove chanted “We Remember Them!”

We all sat, and shared stories of our Ancestors and Beloved Dead, and afterwards Stormcrow called the Rolls of the Mighty Dead, with Fox ringing them in as they were called. Hinge Vows were taken in their presence.

After the ritual, the Circle was extended, and a place of Honor set for the Ancestors at the Feast Table, where we all enjoyed recipes that were passed down to us from those who came before.

During the Feast, we all gathered to hear the story of Blodeuwedd’s transformation into an owl, accompanied by a beautiful poem by Mare.


Stormcrow is a First Degree Initiate of Serenity Coven. He has been involved in Blue Star Traditional Wicca for about 14 years, and has served on Active Duty in the U.S. Coast Guard since the year 2000. He is seeking qualification as a military lay-leader to provide service and outreach to other military Pagans. Passionate about sharing our Tradition's history and the lore of the Gods, he is a Bard and Storyteller. Cosmos and Chaos, Hodge and Podge, Traditionalist and Innovator, Orthodox and Heterodox, Apple and Pentagon. A smorgasbord of contradictions and paradoxes, all wrapped up and tied with a moustache.