Samhain 2012

Samhain this year was a great success, with our full Serenity Family present, including it’s newest members Fox and Barley, as well as some of our favorite Unusual Suspects from other Blue Star groups.

Our acting Priest and Priestess for the night were the newly planted (Neophyted) Stormcrow, and recently Initiated Arianthe.  The evening included a drawing down of the Morrigan, parting the Veil facilitated by the Priest and Priestess, a memorial of those departed, and an all night vigil.

Due to the late hour and ritual gravity, the children opted out of the Ritual itself for movies upstairs, but they did partake in some crafting earlier on.


Blue Star 1* Priestess, 24+ years in the Trad, Crocheter, Singer, Teacher, Hostess, Friend.

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