Ostara 2013

Serenity celebrated Ostara on Saturday, March 23.  True to New England spring, it was cold as a witch’s you-know-what outside, so we ended up spending most of our time inside, braving the outdoors long enough for Morningstar to lead the children out to tie ribbons on the trees to wake up spring.

Indoors, the children dyed eggs with natural dyes while adults broke open eggshells for use as planters in ritual.  Much cooking and socializing ensued.

Once guests arrived, we slowly transitioned into ritual mindset, and began our circle with an improv drum/shaker “jam session” (during which we passed around a shaker full of seeds for planting later), combined with an invocation to spring, composed and read by Laughing Shadow.  Fox and Barley presided over a classic Blue Star format ritual, with 2 major areas of work.  First, we planted seeds into the previously prepared eggshells, “seeds inside seeds” representing the potency of potential.  We then welcomed our deity guest, Dea Artio, with Morningstar as the vessel.  It was an intense contact with a powerful, primal deity who was pleased to have a receptive human audience.

Circle was completed and extended and it was on to delicious feast and consumption of “refreshments”.


Wee furry beastie with Celtic Reconstructionist leanings. A student of Ciaran/Hearthstone, and member of Wolf Star, 20 years ago, returned home in 2011 to Maple Star and subsequently Serenity. Currently Neophyte, and always a general pain in the ass. ;)

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