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Serenity is a teaching Grove and has many members who travel great distances to attend rituals and receive Traditional training. As of Mabon 2013, we are proud to offer online learning for it’s long distance students via The Serenity Learning Portal.

The Serenity Learning Portal is a secondary site, specifically built for the purposes of providing supplemental education for those already being ministered or trained by the clergy of Serenity Grove or Coven.  It provides an easy means of tracking a students progress, as well as permits the students to control the pace of this learning.

All our courses are -free-.  We do not ask, or accept payment for learning; although all students must be thoroughly vetted.  Guests, and Non-Members are welcome to explore our Beginner Course.

We   In the future we may offer courses by other Blue Star clergy, and permit students of other Clergy to take part in the course.  Blue Star Clergy who would like to tour our program to get ideas, or just see what we are up to, can contact Serenity Coven via Facebook, or through the IML to request enrollment in our Degree Courses.