Mabon 2012: Blue Star Family

Mabon 2012 was a grand affair for all New England Blue Star family.
The ritual was held in the Unitarian Church of Wakefield MA, and was performed by Stormcrow and MorningStar.

The ritual was full of powerful song, and poetry. Every Blue Star group that attended was announced and represented by an individual. The phases of life and wisdom of the ages were recognized and honored, children helped to pass the harvest around the circle. The 30+ Participants assisted with the raising of a lighthouse to call the Pagans home, and help the lost ones find their way.
As is customary, Feast was part of the Mabon celebration, and the giant pot-luck feast was heartily imbibed.

Much gratitude goes out to all who attended, and assisted with making this event go off without a hitch. Kudos to all the organizers who procured the facility, organized the feast, wrote the ritual, and took active roles.



Blue Star 1* Priestess, 24+ years in the Trad, Crocheter, Singer, Teacher, Hostess, Friend.

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