Barley and Fox are pleased to announce our first hosted event to our beautiful group of family. In honor of John Barleycorn we are presenting the festival of early Vermont Harvest with copious joy. This is a special holiday for both of us, and somewhat breaks with our traditional methodology. We only ask that you bring your beautiful selves and a small donation towards the feast, and we will provide the rest. We will begin the festivities at sundown on either Friday or Saturday (we’ll keep you posted) and will continue through until Sunday afternoon. The neighbors will be warned (and invited, possibly – at least the ‘cool ones’). There will be camping or sleeping arrangements provided in the old farmhouse (or barn, if Fox gets off his lazy ass and renovates).

We wish to provide a grand festival of family and companionship – and planning has already started.

With Much Love,

Barley and Fox


Wee furry beastie with Celtic Reconstructionist leanings. A student of Ciaran/Hearthstone, and member of Wolf Star, 20 years ago, returned home in 2011 to Maple Star and subsequently Serenity. Currently Neophyte, and always a general pain in the ass. ;)

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