Occult Studies

The Magician’s Companion
by Bill Whitcomb
The Magician’s Companion by Bill Whitcomb is the most complete collection of practical information on magical systems from around the world you can add to your magical techniques. It begins with a complete introduction to magic, from definitions …
Thinking Like a Mountain
by John Seed
This book of readings, meditations, rituals and workshop notes prepared on three continents helps us remember that environmental defence is nothing less than ‘Self’ defence. Including magnificent illustrations of Australia’s rainforests …
The Witch’s Magical Handbook
by Gavin Frost
The complete step-by-step handbook for anyone who wants to know how to use white witchcraft written by founders of the Church & School of Wicca who have taught the art for a total of over 80 years. Teaches readers how to unleash the amazing …
Book of Lies
by Richard Metzger
Presents a collection of essays on magic and the occult, covering such topics as spellcasting, how to become a practicing magician, wicca and modern paganism, and the works of H.P. Lovecraft.
Fire in the Head
by Tom Cowan
In ‘The Song of Wandering Aengus’ William Butler Yeats refers to the ‘fire in the head’ that characterises the visionary experience. Tom Cowan has pursued this theme in a lyrical cross-cultural exploration of shamanism and the Celtic imagin
How to Read the Tarot
by Sylvia Abraham
Book stores, gift stores, grocery stores, occult stores, and boutiques frequently have them: Tarot decks. There are hundreds of them available. But when you get one, what do you do with it? Will it take months or even years to become a good Tarot …
Drawing Down the Spirits
by Kenaz Filan
An insider’s view of the inner workings and prevalence of spirit possession in our modern world • Provides practical techniques for preparation, safety, aftercare, and aborting harmful possessions • Reveals the forms of ritual possession present …
Postmodern Magic
by Patrick Dunn
A new look at magical arts examines imagination, psychology, and authority before explaining the significance of symbols, elementals, spirits, and artifacts, and gives techniques for creating glamours, divination decks, and your own astral temple.
The Qabalistic Tarot
by Robert Wang
A textbook of mystical philosophy that demonstrates how to use the tarot for inner development. It explains the Hermetic Qabalah in terms of the Waite, Marseilles, Crowley and Golden Dawn decks, and is illustrated with all four decks.
Spiral Dance, The – 20th Anniversary
by Starhawk
The twentieth anniversary edition of The Spiral Dance celebrates the pivotal role the book has had in bringing Goddess worship to the religious forefront. This bestselling classic is both an unparalleled reference on the practices and …
The Sabbats
by Edain McCoy
From the author of Making Magick and Astral Projection for Beginners, this book presents 16 complete sabbat ritual texts – for covens, families and solitaries.
Northern Magic
by Edred Thorsson
Presents a modern interpretation of Germanic religion, magic, and folklore, discussing mythology, gods and goddesses, runes, hexology, and magical systems
Wicca: a Year and a Day
by Timothy Roderick
A 366-day daily guide, ideal for solitary students teaches the core of witchcraft over the traditional length of time initiates take, including lessons on the tides of time, seasons, the ways of herbs and magic, the mysticism of the Old Ones, and …
Healing Chakras
by Ilchi Lee
The Chakras are the seven key energy centers of our body. When all seven Chakras are active and functioning optimally, we live a life of physical, mental, and spiritual health. Healing Chakras combines a deep underlying spiritual philosophy with …
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Alchemy
by Dennis William Hauck
More than magic… Where else can one combine chemistry and philosophy to turn base metal into gold while discovering a magical elixir to prolong life? Here’s a simple and straightforward guide to alchemy that explains its basic principles …
The Illustrated Book of Signs & Symbols
by Miranda Bruce-Mitford
Decipers the meanings of more than two thousand images from around the world, exploring their origins, meanings, and cultural context.
Book of Lies
by Aleister Crowley
The book consists of 93 chapters, each of which consists of one page of text. The chapters include a question mark, poems, rituals, instructions, and obscure allusions and cryptograms. The subject of each chapter is generally determined by its …
Psychic Dreamwalking
by Michelle Belanger
No single book ever before has brought together the history, theory and practice of dreamwalking–entering into another’s dreamspace, even though you may be physically at a great distance. Michelle Belanger, the author of Psychic Vampire Codex …