Nature Studies

Mind of the Raven
by Bernd Heinrich
In Mind of the Raven, Bernd Heinrich, award – winning naturalist, finds himself dreaming of ravens and decides he must get to the truth about this animal reputed to be so intelligent. Much like a sleuth, Heinrich involves us in his quest, letting …
Ravens in Winter
by Bernd Heinrich
Why should ravens–which are usually solitary birds–share valuable food in the dead of winter? How clever are these birds? Do they have a language? These are some of the riddles that noted sociobiologist Bernd Heinrich, author of Bumblebee …
Thinking Like a Mountain
by John Seed
This book of readings, meditations, rituals and workshop notes prepared on three continents helps us remember that environmental defence is nothing less than ‘Self’ defence. Including magnificent illustrations of Australia’s rainforests …
Learn and Play in the Garden
by Meg Herd
Includes garden projects for every season of the year, including flower crafts, worm farms, and leaf skeleton rubbings.