Imbolc 2013

Imbolc 2013 (2)Imbolc Altar

Our Imbolc ritual this year was run by MorningStar and Fox, with Barley and Stormcrow as Handmaiden and Summoner.

Pre-ritual crafts were aplenty, with Stormcrow leading a workshop on making brooms for the New Year. The children made Brigid’s Crosses with pipe cleaners. There was also spinning yarn from Alpaca wool with a drop spindle. With all the other crafting going on, we didn’t have time for any of our Grove‘s chandlers to get all the year’s old candle stubs together. New brooms were made by Bear, a guest from Rogue Star, along with Laughing Shadow, Barley & Fox, and Laughing Wolf.

Imbolc 2013 (15)Broom Making

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Our Imbolc festivities included washing of hands and feet, a touchstone ritual to the chanting of “Water in the Well,” the lighting of a great many candles to welcome warmth and light back into the world, along with fire scrying and spiral dancing to the chanting of “We Will Kindle the Fire.”

Two pairs of deities were invited: Brigid and Dagda, and in keeping with our focus on the Welsh pantheon, Arianrhod and Gwydion were also called. A singing bowl was used in lieu of the bell to welcome the Gods.

Stormcrow told the story of The First Tyngedd, which is the second part of his saga adapted from the Mabinogion, called “A Year and Change in Welsh Myth,” which follows the life of Llew Llaw Gyffes through the Wheel of the Year.

Post-ritual feast was amazing as always, with lamb shanks, colcannon, roasted root vegetables, beer, mead, canned preserves, and cupcakes.

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Stormcrow is a First Degree Initiate of Serenity Coven. He has been involved in Blue Star Traditional Wicca for about 14 years, and has served on Active Duty in the U.S. Coast Guard since the year 2000. He is seeking qualification as a military lay-leader to provide service and outreach to other military Pagans. Passionate about sharing our Tradition's history and the lore of the Gods, he is a Bard and Storyteller. Cosmos and Chaos, Hodge and Podge, Traditionalist and Innovator, Orthodox and Heterodox, Apple and Pentagon. A smorgasbord of contradictions and paradoxes, all wrapped up and tied with a moustache.

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