Do’s and Don’ts

Following these simple  Do’s and Don’ts will help you to have a great first experience, and leave a wonderful first impression.

Do’s and Don’ts

    • Don’t: Worry if you forgot your pen, we have plenty.
    • Do: Remember your notebook


    • Do: Participate fully, hum/sing along
    • Don’t: Hold back, – join in often.


    • Do: Follow along physically – watch the handmaiden for posture cues.
    • Don’t: Worry if you’re not sure.


    • Do: Remember to bring a feast contribution
    • Don’t:  Forget to fill out an allergen-friendly card


    • Do: Remember to wear comfortable and weather sensible street clothes
    • Don’t: Wear green, red, or blue ritual robes, or amber or jet jewelry.


    • Do: Provide a Craft/Magickal name if you have one
    • Don’t: Provide a password if you don’t have one.


    • Do: Remember to take any medications you may need
    • Don’t: Forget to tell us if you have any medical conditions that may require special provisions.


    • Do: Make conversation and introduce yourself to others before and after ritual
    • Don’t: Continue conversation after the 10 minute warning.


    • Do: Eat and drink of the snacks freely
    • Don’t: Make a plate from the Feast Table until after the Food Blessing, Libations, and Officiants are served.


    • Do: Thank the Priest and Priestess of the Ritual for the experience (After/During Feast)
    • Don’t: Be afraid to ask questions to them if you didn’t understand something.


    • Do: Help to clean up the space after Ritual and Feast
    • Don’t: Leave all the work to others


  • Do write about your experience in your notebook
  • Don’t: Forget to contact the HP/HPS after the ritual to talk about your experience and future plans.