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Lammas Ritual Series Part 2: 
The second half of the Ritual Series we will delve deeper into ritual Co-Creation.
In a series of team related exercises you will begin to learn how to engage another person in the effort of sharing the act of ritual creation as you work on singular components together, creating a harmonious blend of ideas.

Join in:
Date and Time: Thursdays from 7:30-9pm

August: 21st, 28th,
End: September:  4th

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Become a Discussion Lead: If theres a particular topic which you would like to lead, please contact with your topic.

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Past Skype Discussion Series: 

Summer Solstice Series: Practical Applications of Blue Star Tenets in Everyday Life.

Summer is the season of Doing, the fire is ablaze within and without, the world is waiting for us to unleash all the potential we’ve been storing. This series focusses on some of the unique elements of Blue Star, such as our Tenets of Faith, exploring  ways that we can Live our faith and practice outside of Ritual atmosphere.

Lammas Ritual Series Part 1: 
During the first half of this  series you will be  asked to look deeper at Blue Star Ritual first independently and then in a group setting.

You will do some independent study and examination of ritual components and share  in a class setting your derived gnosis, and engage others in discussions on their thoughts and feelings.