On September 21st, the Autumnal Equinox, in Rochester, New Hampshire, the members of Serenity gathered together with their Blue Star family and other friendly Pagans from the local community. The Ceremony of Mabon was done with a distinctly Greek flair, honoring Demeter and Helios, coupled with a celebration of Thanksgiving culinary traditions, calling our kindred home.

A canopy tent had been erected as our place of worship, and it was there we cast our circle, calling John Barleycorn and Brigantia. We then processed to the firepit for the working of the circle, which included making sacrifices to the wickerman (whom we dubbed WickerJerry), and to the field.

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On Saturday, June 22nd, the far-flung members of Serenity Coven and Grove gathered on the Rochester Commons for our annual Litha celebration. The weather was appropriately clear, and the sun was blazing overhead. Fortunately, the trees provided adequate shade. The …

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