Blue Star is a path found by Seekers.
It is not the path for everyone, but it is a path available to anyone who wishes to travel it.
As a Seeker, or Guest, You may come to events, rituals, and classes as the invited guest of a student or practitioner.
This is a guide for those who may be interested now, or in the future, of attending or  joining a Blue Star Grove.


Remember: The path  is yours to define.

Attending a Grove
Every Grove has their own standard requirements for attending their non-public functions.
You will want to talk to the Grove Priest or Priestess  in order to discover theirs.

Here you will find Serenity’s Policies.

Who’s In Charge?

Blue Star has 3degree of Clergy, – these are people who have the duty and obligation to Serve the community.
One of the most basic ways they Serve is by offering direction to those who are seeking, and help them to find the right path.

When you attend a Blue Star Sabbat or Public Ritual – many times (but not always) the people leading the Ritual will be the Priest or Priestess of the Grove.
On Rare/Special Occasions, this may not be the case. This is because Blue Star is a Teaching Religion, and part of teaching those who are in training to become Priests and Priestesses,
includes running Rituals.

Blue Star Initiates May be distinguished by:

  • Wearing Amber, Jet, or Amber and Jet Jewelry
  • Red or Most (often) Blue Robes
  • A cord around their waist which is black, grey/silver, and gold.
  • Have a 7 pointed star (septagram) tattoo on their wrist.

Of course, if you still “can’t tell” the best thing to do, is to  ask!

Finding the Right Teacher:

Finding Blue Star is “Right For Me”  is the first step on your Blue Star Path.  Next you will want to find a teacher and/or Grove which is most suited to you.

In a similar fashion to Groves, Each (H)Priest and (H)Priestess has their own requirements for accepting new students.
A unique quality found in the Blue Star community of Priests and Priestesses, is the level of communication shared between Clergy.
Blue Star  Priests and Priestesses will help you find a teacher who can best help you on your path.  If and when you feel certain that you would like
a particular Priest/Priestess to teach you, you will want to express that desire and interest and intent, and discover their requirements.

If for any reason you or the Priest/ess you have approached do not feel that there is not a strong sense of compatibility, you may request the Priest/Priestesses aid to find a Teacher for you.