Blue Star Tradition

In Philadelphia, under the leadership of Frank Dufner the Coven of the Blue Star was founded in 1975.  Frank brought Traditional Background to the Coven of the Blue Star, which he passed on to his students/coven-mates. Although Frank is considered a/the “Father” of Blue Star, even in the earliest days many hands and voices were responsible for shaping the practice into the Tradition it would become.   Over the past *nearly* forty years, Blue Star Tradition has developed a rich musical and oral liturgy, passed down from Teacher to Student far beyond it’s original imaginings all due to the work and dedication of it’s many Elders and practicing Clergy.

Differing from many other Magical Systems and Practices, in Blue Star magic, and magical practice, are secondary to Worship and Divine Communion. The Priests and Priestesses of Blue Star are spiritual educators and guides, assisting seekers in finding and developing relationships with the Divine.  To that end, Blue Star is a “participatory” religion; all non-officiants of rituals are expected to be part of the “work” giving their energy to the creation of ritual space and the work we do therein. Through working together, creating “group mind”, we develop strong bonds of community that empower our individual and group practice.

Indeed, Community is a hallmark of Blue Star. A Sense of Family is shared by all of those in the Tradition. Clergy and Practitioners of Blue Star are very familiar with their extended family members, and keep in close contact through a variety of mediums. Online Social Networking sites, and email-lists, provide more constant means of keeping in touch, and fast relay of information, while offset Bi-annual family gatherings and initiates-gatherings allow participants and Clergy the ability to meet each other face-to-face, and share sacred space with those they otherwise might not get the chance to.  Tabs on Trad interviews are a gift that Serenity offers the greater Blue Star Community as a means to shine a light on other Blue Star folk.