Blue Star Wicca

In  1975, the Coven of the Blue Star was formed in Manhattan’s West Village. It’s  High Priests and Priestesses had varied backgrounds, –  Initiatory degrees  in American Welsh Tradition, Gardnerian Tradition, and Family Tradition. In the years to come they would develop  and create a New Tradition, distinct from it’s predecessors as a hybrid, while still keeping with the Old Ways, as a hierarchal, initiatory, and oath-bonds: That Tradition was known as Blue Star.

Blue Star continues to evolve as it’s High Priests and High Priestesses  direct it’s course and scope: each autonomous, and yet connected through their vows and lineage.  These High Priests and Priestesses build and oversee Groves, – groups for partaking in religious, spiritual activities as well as Learning.

Blue Star is not a spectator-religion, in fact, Blue Star is often called “a Religion With Homework.”   The Priests and Priestesses of the Tradition teach and encourage practitioners to develop their own bond with Deity and Spirits.  Many Seekers find their spiritual Home in Blue Star Groves each year, and dedicate themselves to working with a Priest or Priestess who will serve as their Teacher, ministering to their spiritual growth and development.  To learn more about joining a Grove, or Finding a Teacher Visit Here!

Since 1975 Blue Star has spread across the world. At present there are 28 active Groves across the United States, UK, Canada, and Ireland, as well as numerous Solitaries in the United States, Canada, and Europe.
On the Blue Star WorldWide page you can see a Google-Map of where we can be found.