Between the Vows

As the wheel keeps spinning we find ourselves nearing the holy celebrations of Lammas (loaf-mas) and Lughnasadh, we also find ourselves at the middle of our hinge vows.

On the 1st of August, it will be six months since you stood before the Coven Sword and made an oath, a promise to yourself, to the Gods, and before your community.  On that same date, it will be 3 months until your commitments end.

It is time to reflect on what has passed and consider how you will move forward.

If you have not begun, what things have been holding you back?  Can you find a solution to the obstacles?

For those who have started, how has the process been going?  Has it been easy, or hard? Has it helped your Craft or your life?  What inspires you and keeps you plugging at it?

With three months to go do you think your vow was reasonable, and well considered, or do you think you bit off too much? What sort of changes would you have made, or will you make in the future to ensure your success?