Our Rituals

Serenity Rituals:

Blue Star Rituals, and therefore Serenity Rituals, honor the God and the Goddess, and the Elements, our Earth and our community. They are a time of togetherness, learning, and focusing on our faith and practice.

Our “High Holidays,” known as Sabbats, occur 8 times a year. The majority of these Sabbats are Open Rituals, where guests and our “extended family” are welcome to join in and participate.

We  meet for general worship, and classes on the Esbats: Full and New Moons. These classes and rituals are closed to guests. They are for members and those who are seeking membership.


Scheduling: Rituals/Classes etc are scheduled the Saturday closest to the actual dates of the solar or lunar event. This policy is subject to change only if the officiating Priest/Priestess has a conflict with the date.

Unless otherwise stated, rituals/classes/events are held at the NH covenstead.


Serenity as a Scared Learning Space:

As Serenity is a Teaching Grove, Many of Serenity’s Open Rituals are officiated by our students, and the HP/HPS may or may not take an officiating role in the ritual. This provides students a practical and hands on experience in both planning and working in Sacred Space and allows the HP/HPS to objectively view the ritual.

As a guest, understanding that those “running the ritual” are not necessarily the same people in charge/running/making policy for the Coven and Grove. Please familiarize yourself with our Clergy before attending.