Securing an Invitation

Serenity holds several Open Rituals during the year where people new to us are welcome to attend, participate, and discover who we are and what we do. All Guests must be attended to by a ritual sponsor who vouches for them and will help them navigate the ritual experience as it is ongoing. Non-Dedicants will be approached post ritual by the High Priest  & Priestess to discuss their experience and answer any questions. We welcome feedback and curiosity.

We suggest all sponsors and guests read over the Do’s and Don’t section of this site, as well as the what to wear and bring portion. Sponsors should also double check with the Acting Priest and Priestess to see if they are okay with a Guest being present and the High Priest and Priestess before issuing an invitation.

For those who discover Serenity through other means, securing an invitation to an ritual/class etc will requiring sending an email to serenitycoven at gmail dot com or through our Facebook page:   .  We will want to meet in person if you are local, or request that you fill out a questionnaire.  We will also provide you with an opportunity to ask questions of your own. At the ritual you will be introduced to someone who will serve as your sponsor for the ritual, typically a member of the Coven who is not taking an officiating role during the ritual itself.