A Rose by Any other Name

It is customary for Pagans to take on new names, names that reflect their spiritual ties, their devotional or magical practices.These names, unlike our legal names, are symbolic of who we are and what we do and for the most part, self chosen. In Blue Star, at every right of passage, there is an opportunity to take a new name, or one may be given to you if that is desired.

Throughout the earlier blog posts you may see “dead names” – names no longer used by Serenity members. ┬áRather than try to “fix” these entries, we have left those names for the preservation of the past, which was essential to the creation of our present manifestations.

Arianthe and Alder have taken new names of Rhiannon and Taliesin upon the attainment of the Third Degree, and Dreaming Bear is now Ursula, and Mare is now Almitra as of their 1st Degree Initiations.