Serenity Grove

Serenity Grove is a religious and spiritual fellowship that offers  spiritual worship, guidance, experience, and education  through and in the practice of Blue Star, a denomination of British Traditional Wicca.

A Brief History

In 2010, under the direction of Blue Star Elder, and now Priestess Emeritus of Serenity – MorningStar, with the help of Rhiannon and Taliesin, was formed to meet the spiritual needs of an under served few. Serenity has blossomed since it’s creation, with a core membership of 13 and a sizable extended family of visitors and guests.

Our Leadership: Serenity Coven

Serenity Policy,  Rituals, Events, and Education are overseen and directed by members of Serenity Coven.  Serenity Coven designs the policies and practices of the Grove, which serves as a backdrop to  facilitate the growth and spiritual empowerment of the students.

Serenity Coven is composed of:
High Priestess Lady Rhiannon
High Priest Lord Taliesin
Emeritus Elder Lady MorningStar
Priest Cho Ku Rei

Serenity and The State of New Hampshire:

Serenity is actively working towards becoming an established Church, with 501-c3 status so that we may expand our outreach and support of the Pagan and Wiccan community of Northern New England.  It is our hope that by facilitating public rituals, charitable donations, and volunteerism both in our cities and greater pagan community, our purpose and commitment will be self-evident to the State.