Serenity of Blue Star

Serenity Grove

Established In 2010 Serenity Grove* is a religious and spiritual fellowship that offers  spiritual worship, guidance, experience, and education in the practice of Blue Star, a denomination of British Traditional Wicca. We are based out of Rochester NH, about 30 miles west of Porstmouth. We have a core membership of more than a dozen, and have members in MA, NH, and CT, we are family friendly, and non-discriminatory.

Our membership is filled with warm and compassionate folk with shared passions and hobbies in geekery, graphic and fabric arts, larping, mead making, and cooking just to name a few.  We enjoy passing time together as a community, a family of friends, supporting and growing with each other. We gather in mirth and reverence.

* Learn more about the Distinction between Groves and Covens in Blue Star: Click Here

Our Leadership: Serenity Coven

Serenity Coven is composed of 6 Initiates* of Blue Star, 3- 3rd Degree’s, and 3-1st Degree’s  Serenity Policy,  Rituals, Events, and Education are overseen and directed by members of Serenity Coven.  Serenity Coven designs the policies and practices of the Grove, which serves as a backdrop to  facilitate the growth and spiritual empowerment of the students. The Coven also serves those called to the Priesthood to define their ministry, practice, and recharge.

** To learn more about the Degree System in Serenity and Blue Star Click Here)